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About us

The International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care was founded in 2010

ISEHC was founded jointly by Dr Kameshwar Prasad, Dr Paul Glasziou AO and Dr Gordon Guyatt in 2010 with the publication of its first newsletter.

The 1st International Conference on Evidence-Based Health Care was held in 2012 at the India International Centre, New Delhi.


Since then, ISEHC has held its annual conference either as standalone: Sicily (2013), Taiwan (2014), Iran (2016), United Arab Emirates (2018), and Italy (2019); or jointly in 2015 with the International Shared Decision Making (ISDM) Society, in  Australia and in 2017 a collaboration between 5 global EBHC groups: ISEHC, Cochrane, Campbell Collaboration, JBI and

G-I-N, in South Africa.

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is to develop, and encourage research in, the appropriate usage of evidence in health care decision making and to promote and provide professional and public education in the field.

Helping Hands




is to be a world-wide platform for interaction and collaboration among practitioners, teachers, researchers and the public to promote EBHC. The intent is to provide support to frontline clinicians making day-to-day decisions, and to those who have to develop curricula and teach EBHC.

Why a Society for Evidence-Based Health Care?

The Society exists to foster and promote EBHC globally within the environment of an recognized organization, bringing together and strengthening efforts started in different countries. Such integrated environment may provide a context of continuous exchange and contribution within which resources and principles of EBHC may be achieved in a way that amplify their use and effectiveness worldwide.

Key Objectives of the Society:

  1. To develop and promote professional and public education regarding EBHC

  2. To develop, promote, and coordinate international programs through national/international collaboration

  3. To develop educational materials for facilitating workshops to promote EBHC

  4. To assist with and encourage EBHC-related programs when requested by an individual national/regional organization.

  5. To advise and guide on fundraising skills in order that national foundations and societies are enabled to finance a greater level and range of activities.

  6. To participate in, and promote programs for national, regional and international workshops regarding EBCP.

  7. To foster the development of an international communications system for individuals and organizations working in EBHC-related areas.

  8. To improve the evidence systems within which health care workers practice. 


To help achieve these objectives, the Society will undertake a number of activities including:

  1. develop and promote professional and public education regarding EBHC through workshops and developing educational materials for facilitating such workshops;

  2. hold regular national and international society meetings, and encourage regional networks;

  3. provide forums for communication, including a journal and newsletter, a website and internet-based discussion forums;

  4. develop and promote research in all aspects of EBHC

The Society relies on the work of its Board Members and Special Interest Groups led by EBM leaders from all over the world.

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