ISEHC Newsletter

The Society’s newsletter, growing out of the annual McMaster Evidence-based health care newsletter, will now be issued four times a year and distributed via the McMaster, CEBM (Oxford), and EBHC email lists. It will contain the usual news, tips, and teaching materials but will be broader in scope to cover the global interests of the Society. We will also be accepting some longer articles, and over the longer term aim to have a Society journal.

The Society was prodded into existence by Kameshwar Prasad who sensed that many EBM enthusiasts around the world felt isolated and wanted more and better communication with others working to apply the principles of EBM at the bedside or in the clinic. Inside this issue you will find an article by Kameshwar setting out the purpose and structure of the Society. Briefly, the Society exists to foster and promote EBHC globally. Over the next few years, the international founding board will work to enhance communication among EBM-oriented folk in all countries around the globe. In addition to this newsletter that we hope will evolve into a journal, we will establish a website, host local and regional conferences, and explore other means to promote EBM. We will endeavor to keep most materials and member benefits free or low cost. To achieve that goal, we will rely on EBMers worldwide to contribute materials and to the committees of the Society. We will update you in future issues about membership of the Society, and volunteering for the work on committees.

The newsletter will initially be coordinate by the CLARITY group at McMaster and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford, but we hope to expand that over the next few years. The newsletter will be distributed free. If you have contributions for future issues, or things you would like to see then please feel free to contact Paul or Gordon.

Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt & Carl Heneghan for the Society of Evidence-Based Health Care