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ISEHC 2014: EBM is PM, needs SDM, more s’s, and step 0

That pretty much sums it up…!  With its 3rd successful conference in Taipei, ISEHC has cemented its presence in the EBM world. The Taipei conference attracted 537 participants from 24 countries. Over 60 oral and almost 200 poster presentations were held, and the hosts with Ken Kuo in the lead put on an excellent scientific program and a wonderful social program, including a great deal of great meals, from delicious buffets and gourmet lunch boxes to sumptuous morning and afternoon teas, not to mention the musical gala dinner….  Thank you, ISEHC2014 for 4 great days!

Below are some of the highlights and take-home messages from the keynote speakers.

Paul Glasziou defined 6 important proposals for EBHC’s future, among them “don’t skip step 0 in the EBM process” (recognise uncertainty), “take non-drug interventions seriously” (yeah, says the physio!) and “teach shared decision making alongside EBM”. Guideline recommendations are at the center of an effective evidence based practice and ambiguous, unclear recommendations are like jellyfish – without spine or structure (would take a surfer to know his sea creatures).

Brian Haynes defined, in his dithyrambic talk, 7 priorities for improving EBM success, the top one being that we “shift research (and research funding!) to the right”, meaning from basic research to implementation (knowledge translation) research. And don’t forget to accessss (that’s 4 s’s) the evidence!

Brian Alper also likes the letter S and added a few S words to the 6S pyramid – does it now have 9 s’s? Who will come up with the 10th s?

Ken Kuo chose to focused on the letter A, as in awareness to adherence, and explained about dochakuka and glocalization – global evidence, local implementation. He shared some of the excellent guideline work being done in Taiwan, as did Naohito Yamaguchi about the equally excellent guideline work being done in Japan within the MINDS network.

Gordon Guyatt walked us through the different uses of relative and absolute risks/effects and then redefined EBM as PM.  Evidence-based Medicine is Personalized Medicine!  Which leads us on to Victor Montori’s and Lyndal Trevena’s key messages – that EBM is nothing without SDM!

… which leads into the future and next years’s conference where EBM really meets SDM. Abstract submission is now open – see you in Sydney in July 2015!?

Read more about the Taipei conference, and check out the keynote slides and all the great photos at www.isehc2014.tw.

Read more about the 2015 conference in Sydney, and send in your abstract at http://www.isdm-isehc2015.org/

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